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Caroline and Jeremy

We are Caroline and Jeremy Mosdell, the creative minds behind the Festival Board Game.

We have worked at music festivals all over the world for more than 30 years. Festival Board Game was born out of our love of the tribal spirit of music festivals and our love of spending precious time with family and friends at home, away from technology.

Festivals are a place where you can have a sense of freedom not easily found elsewhere; they take you out of the daily grind and give you the space to express yourself more than you would do in normal life. We love the open-hearted experience of festivals and the feeling of belonging to a tribe of fun-loving people.

The focus of Festival Board Game is on just that; it is a game that encourages people to stretch themselves, express themselves more and have as much fun as possible together in the process. Following the prompt cards in the most creative way possible is guaranteed to make your friends laugh. The more energy and enthusiasm you put in, the more you get out!

Our game brings that free, uncomplicated, joyful atmosphere of a festival right into your home. And very importantly, no one knows who is winning until the very end of the game, so no one feels left out. Basically; it’s a really good laugh!

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