About the game

Festival Board Game is a team game for ages 12 upwards. Test the luck located at online casino mit google pay bezahlen. The game is played with a minimum of 4 people, with up to 4 teams with as many people in the teams as you like. The average game lasts between 1 and 1,5 hours, but can be made shorter.

The game is set at a music festival. The object of the game is to collect your Camp Cards  Fire Wood, Sleeping Bag and Tent from the Market Place; the Backstage Passes from the 5 festival areas and at the same time collect as many points as possible in a variety of ways.

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Winning a Backstage Pass involves acting out things, guessing and performing, all guaranteed to make your friends laugh. You can be as creative, witty, outrageous and entertaining as you like.

The teams are affected by the weather and other conditions on site; for instance, when one team lands on a Sun, the other team(s) have to give them a ‘Shades Card’; when one team lands on a ‘Power Cut square, the other team(s) have to hand that team a ‘Torch’ Card. If the other team(s) do not have the required Card, they have to go back to their Camp. The best Card of the Game is the Backstage Camping Card; if a team has that Card, they are not affected by any of the conditions on site and do not have to hand over a Card or go back to Camp.

You can go in any direction you like on the board, with the exception of the Market Place; in there you can only go in one direction clearly marked with arrows.

When a team has collected all the required cards, they can make their way to the Main Stage and complete the Main Stage Prompt Card. Once the question has been correctly answered, the game has finished, the points are added up and the team with the most points wins. It is not known which team has won until the game has finished, so no-one is ever feels excluded.

The game can be made shorter by agreeing to need fewer Backstage Passes before going to the Main Stage to complete the last Prompt Card. You can also decide to lengthen the times allowed to complete the Prompt Cards, to allow for greater artistic expression.
The game can be played with children without the Prompt Cards; the Backstage Passes can be given when they arrive at the Stage Square.

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